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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 11:57 Written by Scott
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Hubley Motorcycle Cop

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster,  Pennsylvania by John Hubley and produced toys throughout its history.

Early Hubley production consisted of many cast iron toys including various horse drawn vehicles, guns, and household objects such as doorstops and bookends. Many of their cast iron objects were dogs, and they are highly prized by collectors today. With the automotive age, cars, trucks, and other transportation became their focus. The Hubley Company made accurate metal replicas of Model A Fords and other cars for many years; for example, there are 7 Model A Ford body styles alone: Sedan, Station Wagon, Coupe, Roadster, Roadster Pickup, Victoria, and Phaeton. Though mass produced, Hubley toys and doorstops were painted by hand, so each has become a unique treasure appreciated both for its subject matter and the “folk art” quality of its paint, form and design. After WW II, die-cast zinc alloy models for the most part replaced the cast iron ones. In the casting process at Hubley, metalworkers would carve out a form of wood, or hammer the doorstop or toy design out in metal. The form was then pressed into finely compacted sand, making an impression. Cast iron heated to 3000 degrees was poured into the sand mold and, when cooled, the form would pop out and rough edges were filed off. In the decorating department, painters applied a base coat (usually white or cream but sometimes black) to the doorstop. Then, colorists used a variety of hues to highlight important details, usually only on the side that would face toward the room. Many doorstops bear identical color schemes, suggesting that decorators may have copied a model finished by a master artisan. A well-cast iron doorstop will be smooth in texture. Small chipping of paint is acceptable, but there should be no repainting of an antique item.

Most of Hubley motorcycles are easy to ID either by signature on tires or some part of the bodies. Tires have Hubley MFG co and BALLOON w/size and CORD with some having only HUBLEY MFG co. The earlier tires were white rubber with some metal tires also being made. Later tires were black and near the end of production the tires were made with threads instead of being smooth.
Length ranges from 4 inches to one 12 inch 1930 transport 3 wheel model. Includes models that are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and ten inches with some measurements mixed in with fractions attached.
Decals were used on the tanks and rear sections of some models including the Indians and the larger Harley Davidsons.
The engines on these toys were v twins and usually straight inlines for the Indians. The BMWs had the signature side heads sticking out. The engines in some of the earlier models were not very well pronounced or defined.
Colors range from red, orange, blue, black, purple, silver, yellow, green in the metal era to green, red, blue possibly yellow in the hard plastic era.
Finally the values stated in this guide represent used played with toys. Since mint in the box toys of this kind are virtually nonexistent values are represented by the individual pieces.



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